Improving recycling rates

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The Unique Benefits of Plastic Pallets You Might Not Know

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Over the past few years, many businesses involved in product shipping have embraced the use of biodegradable plastic pallets. The plastic pallets manufacturers, on the other hand, have improved the design of these products making them stronger and efficient. The packaging regulations have also involved in encouraging shippers to use the pallets which are made through recycling of other materials and which are recyclable themselves.  If you are engaged in the shipping business, below are reasons why you should consider using plastic pallets: Read More»

Recycling at Home for a Cleaner Community

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The Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy has made plans to invest millions of dollars in an initiative they call the Green Army. This scheme is focused on making real change in local communities by helping to clear waste land from rubbish, making the environment cleaner and healthier for both humans and animals alike. The government is encouraging people to get involved wherever they can and is setting up Green Army projects around Australia in a bid to kick start environmental responsibility. Read More»

Answers to Common Questions About Scrap Metal and Recycling

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Using and recycling scrap metal is a great choice; recycling centers create jobs that are difficult to outsource, which then supports your local economy. Using and recycling metal keeps those pieces out of landfills and also cuts down on harvesting materials for new metal, which is also good for the environment. If you’re thinking of using or recycling scrap metal, note a few questions you might have about the process and about scrap metal in general. Read More»

Tips for Making Money from Scrap Metal in Australia

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Scrap metal collecting is a popular money-making method in the United States, both as a ‘side hustle’ for extra cash, or as a sole form of income. However, the practice has never been as widespread in Australia. Still, the nation is home to dozens of scrap metal recyclers, most of whom, according to the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association, are willing to pay cash to the general public for collected scrap. Read More»