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Recycling at Home for a Cleaner Community

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The Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Energy has made plans to invest millions of dollars in an initiative they call the Green Army. This scheme is focused on making real change in local communities by helping to clear waste land from rubbish, making the environment cleaner and healthier for both humans and animals alike. The government is encouraging people to get involved wherever they can and is setting up Green Army projects around Australia in a bid to kick start environmental responsibility. Everything from scrap metal to fly-tipped waste will be a target. This will mean that areas of natural beauty will once again see a new lease of life. The initiative is supposed to help bring communities together again. 

Recycling in the Home

If you've got a busy schedule and are unable to participate in such projects, they are things that you can do at home that will go a long way in preventing the issue of waste dumping from occurring. Recycling at home is so easy that it should be something that everyone makes a conscious effort to do—just like in Sweden where they recycle so much that they now buy waste from other countries to burn for fuel. Recycling at home is also something that can instill positive habits in children as well. Getting them involved is simple enough, and they'll no doubt enjoy being part of this movement.

Just buy some small plastic bins with lids and label them glass, paper/card, scrap metal (such as cans and foil) and organic waste. The kids can then have fun painting the bins with pictures of different recycling materials, helping them to understand what should be placed into each bin. When you're done just line them with plastic bags, or recycling bin liners if provided by your local council, and store them in the garage. The lids will reduce the likelihood of flies and other pests from laying their eggs and will contain odours from any waste left in jars and cans. 

Hopefully, your council will send a recycling truck around your local town or city; however, if they don't, then buy slightly bigger bins and try to make it a habit to visit your local recycling centre once every two or three weeks. This will help to reduce landfill waste and provide more opportunities for Australia to utilise alternative fuels to provide electricity and energy to millions of homes.