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The Unique Benefits of Plastic Pallets You Might Not Know

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Over the past few years, many businesses involved in product shipping have embraced the use of biodegradable plastic pallets. The plastic pallets manufacturers, on the other hand, have improved the design of these products making them stronger and efficient. The packaging regulations have also involved in encouraging shippers to use the pallets which are made through recycling of other materials and which are recyclable themselves.  If you are engaged in the shipping business, below are reasons why you should consider using plastic pallets:

Lightweight and Affordable

Plastic pallets are 20-30kgs lighter than the wooden pallets. Even though their price is a bit higher than that of the wooden pallets, you save a lot when you put weight into consideration. Also, there is no cost for pest control and heat treatment. In the long run, plastic pallets are more affordable.

Safe for Handling

Plastic pallets have no free components that might break during manual lifting and hence causing injury. Similarly, these biodegradable pallets have no nails, splinters or sharp edges that might cause injury to the operatives during handling or damage the product during loading.

Easy to Clean and Suitable for Hygienic Areas

Plastic pallets are easily steam cleaned or washed to remove any dirt and dust that might have accumulated over a period of usage. They can, therefore, be used in hygienic areas, and clean rooms as there are no mold and dust concerns unlike when using wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets also solve the dust and mold contamination issue in wooden pallets.  Plastic pallets are made through the recycling of plastic and polyethylene which are not subject to any underlying mold or dust contamination.

Offer Size and Strength Consistency

Production of plastic pallets involves inherent quality control procedures. Therefore, the size and strength of the pallets are also 100 percent consistent. Compared with wood pallets production, plastic pallets offer exceptionally higher quality.

Long Lifespan

Compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets have a longer life span. A standard distribution scenario with normal handling and loading, a biodegradable plastic pallet can last up to 10 years. This is unlike their counterparts, which have nails which will weaken over time.

Plastic pallets are impervious to mold and moisture and can, therefore, last long regardless of the working conditions. Also, weak acids have no effect on polyethylene and polypropylene, therefore, increasing their longevity in areas where acids are involved.

If you take the working life span of biodegradable plastic pallets and the environmental issues revolving around forest preservation, you will realize that plastic pallets are an investment plan for the future.