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Answers to Common Questions About Scrap Metal and Recycling

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Using and recycling scrap metal is a great choice; recycling centers create jobs that are difficult to outsource, which then supports your local economy. Using and recycling metal keeps those pieces out of landfills and also cuts down on harvesting materials for new metal, which is also good for the environment. If you’re thinking of using or recycling scrap metal, note a few questions you might have about the process and about scrap metal in general. Read More»

Tips for Making Money from Scrap Metal in Australia

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Scrap metal collecting is a popular money-making method in the United States, both as a ‘side hustle’ for extra cash, or as a sole form of income. However, the practice has never been as widespread in Australia. Still, the nation is home to dozens of scrap metal recyclers, most of whom, according to the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association, are willing to pay cash to the general public for collected scrap. Read More»

How To Add Professionalism To Your Scrap Metal Collection Side-Business

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Many scrap metal collectors are “lone rangers” (individuals who work alone to collect scrap metal and take it to recycling centers) who engage in scrap collection as and when other engagements leave some time free for this activity. Adding a touch of professionalism to your endeavors will improve your income as well as your knowledge of the scrap metal recycling industry. This article discusses some steps you can take to add some professionalism to your scrap metal collection activities. Read More»