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Top Reasons Why You Should Separate Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals When You're Recycling Metal

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If you are thinking about recycling metal, then you should take the time to separate your metal before you take it to the recycling center. You don't have to sort out each different type of metal, but it's a good idea to at least separate ferrous and non-ferrous metal if you can. If you're wondering why you should bother spending time doing this, consider the reasons outlined here.

You'll Get Paid More for the Metal

First of all, one reason why you could be thinking about recycling metal in the first place could be because you're hoping to get paid for the metal that you recycle. After all, you might have heard that you can be paid by weight for the metal that you recycle. Non-ferrous metal is typically more valuable than ferrous metal, so if you're hoping to get paid as much as possible for the metal that you recycle, then you should consider sorting the two. Otherwise, you will possibly be paid the lower rate for all of the mixed metal that you bring in, which could cause you to miss out on a significant amount of cash, depending on just how much metal you are recycling.

Separating the Metal Shouldn't Be Hard to Do

You might understand that separating ferrous and non-ferrous metal is a good idea, but you might be worried that you will not know how to do it. Even if you don't have a lot of experience with recycling or working with metal, however, you should find that it will be fairly easy. Just use a magnet to determine if the metal is a ferrous or non-ferrous metal, since most ferrous metals will "stick" to a magnet, while non-ferrous metals will not.

You Can Make Things Easier for the Recycling Company

Even though you might be happy about the idea of getting cash for the scrap metal that you're recycling, this might not be the only — or even the primary — reason why you're recycling it. The main reason why you are recycling it might be because you want to be sure that it's handled responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way, and you might appreciate the recycling services that are offered by metal recycling centers. Because of this, you might want to make things a little bit easier for the employees who work there so that they can handle your metal in a responsible and efficient way. If your non-ferrous and ferrous metals are properly separated, then you can make things much easier for the recycling company and the people who work there.

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