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Key Industries that Scrap Metal Collection Businesses Could Source Scrap Metal From

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According to statistics, Australia's scrap metal industry grew an average of 1.8% between 2004 and 2019. The segment is also expected to grow slowly through 2024. For any business looking to get into the scrap metal collection and recycling industry, now would be the right time. However, since there are so many industries that produce scrap metal, you must strategize your operations as far as sourcing scrap metal goes. This article highlights vital sectors that generate a lot of scrap metal. If you target these industries from the beginning, you will be laughing all the way to the bank from your industrial scrap metal recycling business. Read on.

Automotive Industry-- The automotive industry arguably generates the most industrial scrap metal for recycling in Australia. It is the case although the industry has been in decline since at least 2017, which marked the end of car manufacturing in Australia.  However, if you think about the increase in the number of auto shops and auto yards in Australia's major cities and how many cars need to be junked, you have yourself thousands of tonnes of scrap metal. Therefore, start by visiting major auto shops and auto yards for some of the most sought-after metals for recycling.

Construction Industry -- Another industry that contributes a significant portion of scrap metal for industrial recycling is the construction industry. Although the industry's growth declined to $165.3bn in 2018 from $171.6bn from 2017-2018, there is no denying that the amount of metal that goes to waste remains tremendous. For instance, the continued growth of the tiny homes sector has increased the demand for converting shipping containers to tiny houses. Since sections of a shipping container have to be cut off, the amount of metal that turns to scrap is consequently increased. Another excellent example of how the construction industry contributes significantly towards industrial scrap metal recycling is that the strength of steel metal is unrivalled. This means that steel metal is still the go-to material for structurally significant construction projects. The best part is that construction steel can be recycled many times without losing its structural properties.

Home Appliance Industry-- Home appliances are found everywhere and in almost any home. From television sets to refrigerators, different metals make a significant portion of these devices, with some of them commanding a high price in the recycling industry. While some home appliances are designed to last more than 30 years with reasonable use, a majority don't last that long. As such, most end up in dumpsites even though some companies have put in place strategies like hauling away their customers' appliances (electronic waste) for recycling. You can, therefore, visit dumpsites or even approach homes yourself and get the scrap metal from old home appliances.

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